Dual kennel custom made

X-Large Insulated Dual Kennel

Thermal Energy Rating R-1.3

The size of the X-Large Dual Kennel is:

Externally 1000(w) x 2700(l) x 1150(h)
Internally 900(w) x 2600(l) x 1025(h)
Measurements are in millimetres

Colours available are:

Pricing options select below:

$2,595 Incl GST

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Product Description

Does one pet take up more space than the other or step on each others toes? The Insulated Dual kennel provides both your pets personal space to call their own whilst still being together. Even pets that adore each other need their space from time to time. It has a part divider which still allows your pets to cross from one side to the other. Perhaps if one has a bad dream he/she can go to the other for comfort! 

Your pet will not chew these kennels, they are built tough.

The insulated dual kennel is designed to provide maximum protection from the elements whilst giving your pampered pets a comfortable environment to relax in. This range of kennels all have a lockable hinged roof. The insulated roof slopes slightly to the rear of the kennel. The raised Insulated Panel floor aids in creating a damp free environment. The lid opens for ease of cleaning and to initially train your pet to use the kennel. 

The ideal dog house for your pampered pet. All kennels are manufactured with an anti-bacterial food grade coated Colorbond steel internal lining. The external face comes in one of five standard colours.

For a general guide to what size kennel would best suit your pet select here
Insulated Dual Kennel
Insulated Dual Kennels can be designed and manufactured to your requirements.The style and size is not restricted and we can help you bring your designs and ideas to reality. There are multiple additions that can be added to make your kennel unique. Please
contact us to ask for a quote.

Your dog is your best friend  so do that extra something to make your Insulate Kennel different from the rest – add an Insulated Verandah!
Click on the picture below with the verandah to take you to see pricing.

Insulated Dual Kennel with Verandah

Enclosed Verandah
The lockable Enclosed Verandah enables you to keep you fur babies safe if you crate them at night, or to keep them away from harms way if there are other dogs or even people that they don’t feel comfortable with. This can be their safe haven.
Dual Kennel with Enclosed Verandah



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