Do you deliver to Vic? Yes, we deliver to most places in Australia. Call us for a quote.

What colours do the kennels come in? All of our kennels come in a choice of 5 colours – Pale Eucalype (green), Paperbark (beige), Surfmist White (white), Classic Cream (cream) and Woodland Grey (dark grey)

How easy are the kennels to build? We at Kumfi Kennels believe that the flat packed Insulated Kennels are reasonably easy to build. Included in every flat packed kennel is, “easy to follow” instructions that have been tested time and time again. If you can assemble a flat packed set of draws or office table, then you will be able to assemble a Kumfi Kennel.

What is going to prevent my dog from chewing these kennels like all the others on the market? Unlike the timber or plastic kennels that are readily available, our Colorbond Insulated Kennels give your pet no rewards for their efforts of chewing or biting. When they bite on the kennel walls or aluminium their teeth and paws slide right off. When a dog chews a timber or plastic kennel they wear, break or chip away which gives the dog more incentive to continue.