At Kumfi Kennels we specialize in “Insulated Pet-housing & Kennels”. Our insulated kennels are made to order using Australian made Colorbond Structural insulated Panels (SIP’s). With 4 standard colours across the range, all you need to do is select the insulated pet house or kennel that best suites your needs. We want your pet to enjoy their outdoor area and relax in comfort. You will have the security and confidence that your beloved pet is protected from the elements inside one of our Colorbond Insulated dog houses.

Once you have selected the Dog house that best suites your needs, delivery is fast and with easy to follow assembly instructions, your flat packed insulated kennel will be together in no time.

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Do your pooch a favour

We at Kumfi Kennels believe it’s time you purchased a trusted insulated dog house or kennel that will last your pets lifetime. Your beloved pet will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

Our insulated dog houses are designed to provide maximum protection from the elements , whilst giving your pampered pet a comfortable environment to relax in.


Patio Kennel-02

Your old kennel didn’t last…

Throw out that ruined plastic or wooden kennel that has been destroyed by the weather, or your own pet perhaps chewed it like the below photo! Kumfi Kennels dog houses are built for the toughest of dogs.

Kennels built using Colorbond insulated panels are not just hard wearing, they have an anti-bacterial coating and are 100% recyclable. It’s time to update!


damaged plastic kennels 2

Make your pet smile!

Most Dogs prefer their own surroundings and are happier in that environment. We at Kumfi Kennels offer a range of insulated kennels that will make your pet smile!

All dogs come in different breeds & sizes, on our website we offer a general guide to help you select the insulated dog house that will best fit your pet.



We utilise insulated panels made with BlueScope’s Colorbond Permaguard technology specifically made with a microban coating.





Our kennels have been designed to suit the Australian climate.

We deliver nationwide! We have freight options depending on where you live in Australia.




Kumfi Kennels offer accessories to add to your kennel to make your pets house a home.