Medium Whelping Box
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Medium Whelping Box

 Thermal Energy Rating R-1.3

The size of the Medium Whelping Box is:

Externally 900(w) x 1200(l) x 350mm(h)
Internally 800(w) x 1100(l) x 300mm(h)

Colours Available are:

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$560 Incl GST

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Product Description

Whelping boxes are required for the safe birthing and raising of pups. Regardless of the breed, you will want a strong, sturdy, clean and draft-free box. Kumfi Kennels’ whelping boxes are constructed out of Insulated Panels that have an anti-bacterial coating. Bacteria will not multiply on the surface of the whelping boxes. Our insulated panels will not absorb liquid or get mushy like other melamine whelping boxes which can only be wiped with a damp cloth. These boxes have been designed with hygiene in mind.

When selecting the size of your whelping box you will need to consider the size of the mother and how many pups that breed would normally have. If the mother is anxious or easily excited perhaps a bigger box would be required so she has room to move.

These boxes are perfect for the mother to get in and out of but will still keep the pups safe inside. There is a removable door piece for when the pups grow a little larger but will still keep them contained.

All Kumfi Kennels quality whelping boxes have a cord duct system for use with all styles of heating pads. Heating pads/mat is not included however they are available to purchase.

Crush rails coming soon.

Accessories are available to purchase for your Whelping Box such as silver lettering and heating mats. 


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