Bungalow Kennel

Bungalow Kennel – Large

Thermal Energy Rating R-1.3

The size of this Bungalow Kennel is:
Large: 1000mm x 1570mm x 1415mm (h)

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$1,900 Incl GST

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Product Description

The Bungalow Kennel is all about the style, this unique design is fully insulated throughout and is Australian made and owned. Not only the roof is insulated, but the walls and even the floor are too! 

Design Features

The doorway is offset on the front wall, an eave has been built into the roof for added protection. A dual opening roof and an offset doorway offers added protection from the wind and rain. The dual access roof system enables all areas of the kennel to be easily accessible to aid with keeping your dog’s home clean and tidy.

A single latch at the front of the kennel helps to seal the roof in position and allows you to move the kennel. An insulated raised floor assists to keep your pet warm and damp free.

Optional Extras
Dual colours
Adjustable feet
Window panel that opens with lock
Solar Fan
Magnetic Dog Door
Caster Wheels

Chew Resistant specifications
Made out of quality Colorbond steel encasing a block of EPS foam which provides a tough and durable product. Your pet won’t chew this kennel.

The Bungalow Kennel was originally designed because a customer wanted their old chewed timber kennel to be replicated with a tougher more durable product, one that their dogs won’t chew. We have had numerous requests from other people liking what they see, so it is now available in small, medium, intermediate, large and x-large. 

Large: 1000mm x 1570mm x 1415mm (h)

Available in Small, Medium, Intermediate, Large and X-Large

For a general guide to what size kennel would best suit your pet select here
No project is too big or small for us so if you need your kennel to change a little or a lot please just ask and we will be happy to assist.

Delivery or Pickup
Your Insulated Bungalow Kennel can be delivered flat packed or built or you are welcome to pick your kennel up from our factory:
Unit 1, 69-71 Richmond Rd, Kingswood NSW 2747 (near Penrith)

How do I order

Please select ‘delivery enquiry’ for a further enquiry or to obtain a quote which includes freight. No project is too big or small for us. 

For a printable data sheet please select here Kumfi Kennels Bungalow Data Sheet


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