Storm Kennel

Do your pets suffer from storm related anxiety? Are they frightened of loud noises such as fireworks or machinery? Each dog reacts differently to storms and loud noises, the best way to assist your pet is to be prepared with a Storm Kennel.

The Storm Kennel is fully insulated. It consists of a den with enough space for your dog to move around but still feel safe away from the elements and also comes with a secondary ceiling which aids to reduce noise. There is an L shaped tunnel with a dog door for extra protection and to buffer the sounds. A sound system can be added to your Storm Kennel to aid in calming your pet.

“The customised insulated kennels that Kumfi Kennels provides are ideal for animals that are sensitive to storms, whilst also giving you the benefit of added protection from the harsh Australian weather. I have used many techniques in order to treat storm-sensitive dogs and this method has proved the most successful by providing an environment where the dog feels protected and can rest comfortably until the storm passes.”

Dr Rob Zammit B.V.Sc

We want to make your Storm Kennel your way, so if you have certain requirements please let us know we will be happy to send you a quote.
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Features and benefits   Storm Kennel

  • Minimises atmospheric vibrations
  • Anti-bacterial coated Colorbond steel
  • Reduces noise level by half
  • Fully insulated
  • Removable tunnel section
  • The den area has a secondary ceiling level
  • Energy rating of R1.95
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to clean
  • Raised floor with adjustable feet
  • The tunnel has an anti-slip coating to help with grip and to provide extra protection in buffering sounds


Price are below, if you would like to purchase a Storm Kennel or to simply find out how much it will be for delivery please fill in your details and we will get back to you with a quote via our Contact Us page.
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Pick up is also available for your Storm Kennel built from our factory: Unit 1, 69-71 Richmond Road, Kingswood NSW 2747.


Internal Measurements

Price (excluding sound system)

Small Storm Kennel

1000mm (l) x 650mm (w) x 570mm (h)


Medium Storm Kennel

1200mm (l) x 750mm (w)x 700mm (h)


Large Storm Kennel

1400mm (l) x 850mm (w) x 825mm (h)


X-Large Storm Kennel

1600mm (l) x 950mm (w) x 930mm (h)


NB: The Storm Kennel may not cure your dogs phobias but may help to reduce its’ severity. It is always best to seek professional advice.