Patio Style Kennel
Large Patio Kennel2Large Patio Kennel

Large Patio Kennel

 Thermal Energy Rating R-1.3

The size of this Patio Kennel is:

Externally 800(w) x 1200(l) x 910mm(h)
Internally 700(w) x 1100(l) x 785mm(h)

Colours Available are:

$1,064 Incl GST

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Product Description

Kumfi Kennel Large Patio Style Insulated kennel, the only multi purpose Insulated dog house you will ever need. It suits a corner on the patio in your backyard, a shaded spot along your fence line or in your beloved pet’s enclosure.

The Patio Style Insulated dog house is designed to provide maximum protection from the elements whilst giving your pampered pet a comfortable environment to relax in. All Patio Style Insulated dog houses have a lockable hinged roof, this Insulated roof slopes slightly to the rear of the kennel. With a raised Insulated Panel floor aids in creating a damp free environment. The Patio Style Insulated dog house is the ideal dog house for your pampered pet.

You may have thrown out a few plastic or wooden kennels in the past because your dog has destroyed or chewed them. Patio Kennels are built tough, they won’t chew these!

They are manufactured with an anti-bacterial food grade coated Colorbond steel internal lining. The external face comes in one of three standard colours.

Refer to the Accessories tab on the home page to add additional comforts to upgrade and enhance your kennel. Kumfi Kennels Patio Data Sheet

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