Custom Kennels

Design your own custom kennel

Custom made Insulated kennels can be designed and manufactured to your requirements.The style and size is not restricted and we can help you bring your designs and ideas to reality.

If you have an existing kennel that you would like duplicated out of Insulated panels, please let us know. No project is too big or too small for Kumfi Kennels.

There are multiple additions that can be added to make your kennel unique.

How do I order or obtain a quote?

Please contact us to ask for a quote. Alternatively select the ‘Product Enquiry’ button below.

Delivery or Pick-up

Your Insulated Classic Kennel will be delivered flat packed with assembly instructions or you may pick it up built from our factory – Unit 1, 69-71 Richmond Rd, Kingswood NSW 2747. 
Alternatively, we do offer to build it for you on-site at an additional charge.

Patio Custom made

Patio Custom made

Wombat hutch

Wombat Hutch

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