Stay & Play

The Stay & Play is fully insulated and has everything your pets need. Generous size room complete with the added protection of a fenced area.

Physical stress due to the heat or cold can harm your pet. Insulation and protection from the wind are key elements that reduce the severity of this stress. Kumfi Kennels ‘Stay and Play’ offers this protection.

The Stay & Play is not just for dogs, this is a great space for your cat/s to securely enjoy the outdoors.
You can have an insulated floor or your own existing cement floor inside, your choice. if you require a room size that is not listed below, we would be happy to give you a quote please fill in your details here

Room SizesGenesis 128
Some of the Stay and Play room sizes are listed below.
All rooms come standard with a swing barn door system.
All insulated rooms are 1970mm high at the front with a 3 degree fall to the rear:  

Genesis 120 (no floor) – Room size 1200mm (l) x 1200mm (w) = $2,121.00
Genesis 120P (including panel floor) – Room size 1200mm (l) x 1200 (w) = $2,287.00

Genesis 128 (no floor) – Room size 1800mm(l) x 1200mm(w) = $2,408.00   
Genesis 128P (including panel floor) – Room size 1800mm(l) x 1200mm(w) = $2,610.00  

Genesis 144 (no floor) – Room size 2400mm(l) x 1200mm(w) = $2,787.00    
Genesis 144P (including panel floor) – Room size 2400mm(l) x 1200mm = $3,046.00

Genesis 150 (no floor) – Room size 3000mm(l) x 1200mm(w) = $3,100.00
Genesis 150P (including panel floor) – Room size 3000(l) x 1200(w) = $3,463.00

Genesis 166 (no floor) – Room size 3600mm(l) x 1200mm(w) = $3,375.00
Genesis 166P (including panel floor) – Room size 3600(l) x 1200(w) = $3,787.00

Genesis 180 (no floor) – Room size 1800mm(l) x 1800mm(w) = $2,810.00    
Genesis 180P (included panel floor) – Room size 1800mm(l) x 1800mm(w) = $3,096.00

Genesis 188 (no floor) – Room size 1800mm(l) x 2400mm(w) = $3,184.00
Genesis 188P (included panel floor) – Room size 1800mm(l) x 2400mm(w) = $3,547.00

Fencing sizes and prices are listed below which includes a single gate
All fencing is 1.8mm high
Extra light tubing, galvanised steel construction, 50 x 50mm weldmesh panel

1.8m (w) x 1.8m (l) three sided pen
1.8m (w) x 2.4m (l) three sided pen
1.8m (w) x 3.0m (l) three sided pen
1.8m (w) x 3.6m (l) three sided pen
2.4m (w) x 2.4m (l) three sided pen
2.4m (w) x 3.0m (l) three sided pen
2.4m (w) x 3.6m (l) three sided pen
3.0m (w) x 3.0m (l) three sided pen
3.0m (w) x 3.6m (l) three sided pen

There are many accessories that can be added to this housing that will make your pet smile.
  • Window that opens for airflow – handy for the summer heat
  • Solar exhaust fan to circulate the airGenesis 128P
  • Multiple entries
  • Solid PA entry doors (fully insulated)
  • Fencing options – chain wire, powder coated
  • Mesh roof for added protection eg. for cats
  • Solar light (currently not available)
Secure area for dog to retreat as children may be overwhelming
Whilst you are not at home you have the security of knowing you dog/s are safe
For working dogs/security dogs they need a place to call their own
Larger room easy to clean without being in cramped quarters
Higher energy rating ROW factor of 1.95
Fully customised for any requirements or measurements
Easy to transport being a module setup

Contact us for a quote today. Fill in your details and we will be in contact with your quote.